Tuesday, 31 January 2012

52 Projects – Week Two - My Mission Impossible

Blog-land is definitely the place to go for inspiration – and a whole lotta challenges to get things done!

In early January, a group of blogs challenged those who read them to ‘Imagine the Impossibilities’ and do something that you thought was impossible. (the blog where I found about the challenge is here)

I admit, I read the challenge and thought nothing about it – I mean, how could I find the time in my schedule to finish something that I didn’t have time for? But, the thought kept coming back to me and I started to think about how I ‘could’, not how I ‘couldn’t’.

And, the impossible happened J

My ‘impossibility’ was my office/studio/craft room. It’s at the front of the house, so its the first room that people see when they walk in the door. And it sure didn’t make a good first impression – it was terrible. There was nothing on the walls and piles of stuff were everywhere – on the floor, covering the table, on the bookshelves. It was an awful mess – no wonder I had no creativity when I walked in – I usually turned around and walked right back out.

Here is a collage of my workspace – can you imagine trying to find or do anything in there? Working on the table meant moving everything over to the other side of the table, or piling stuff onto the floor. I couldn’t find anything either, so I’d have to search everywhere to find simple things.

Not any more – it’s a great space now.

(Details going clockwise from top left)
  1. I hung my bulletin board and some pictures from the kids – I have two plastic frames that I use to display my latest scrapbook pages. The shelf above holds a scrapbook album that a group of my dear friends made for me as a wedding shower gift J
  2. My paints are now in a metal basket so I can see them – and remember to use them.
  3. Small photo frames are in a basket on the bookshelf, and larger ones are tucked in beside the other bookshelf (you can see the side of it). Now when I’m looking for a frame, I know exactly where to look.
  4. Lots of scrapbook supplies are hung up in my ‘clip-it-up’ which sits on top of a storage unit for my chipboard and flowers.
  5. My scrapbook paper is now, mostly in one place. I keep finding more, so I’ll have to purge and get rid of the paper I won’t use. The boys’ school will gladly take it, so it won’t go to waste.
  6. My spray paint has its own basket too, so I know where to go when I need some. And I won’t buy the same colour more than once anymore.

The space underneath my table now has two bins – one for stuff I’m still not sure what to do with, and a box with pending project supplies. Having items close together makes it easier to start a project – and that’s the whole goal of this challenge!

Is it perfect? Not at all. Am I happy with how it turned out? Definitely.

And the best part? This makeover was free – yup, it didn’t cost me a penny. I had the baskets and frames – all I needed was the time. And really, that wasn’t that bad either. It only took me about a week of working for half an hour or so in the evening, and two afternoons on the weekend.

I love my ‘new’ space. I feel more creative just walking in there.

So, thanks for the challenge, ladies!

Cheers! Kim


  1. Congratulations! What a great transformation! I love all the organization tips! Thanks so much for linking to the party!

    1. Thank you Karianne - and thanks so much for hosting! What a great party this is

  2. I'll be dreaming of your dreamy workspace in my dreams tonight ...

    Thank you so much for joining our "impossibilities" challenge and link party!

    Linda - itallstartedwithpaint@gmail.com

  3. Great Job! It's really nice to know you can make big changes just by consistently putting in little chunks of time.

  4. I want this space!!! Such a great transformation. I bet it's very inspiring to create in there.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  5. What a fabulously well organized space - so glad you linked up to our Impossibilities Challenge!