52 Projects

One of my goals for 2012 was to complete one project a week - so I would end up with 52 new or completed projects this year. Here's what I wrote originally:
52 Projects:  I have ideas, lots of them. There are so many projects I'd like to complete that would improve our home. I'm not a Pinterest person yet, so these have been organized into a binder. If I can do one project a week, I'll have 52 completed projects this year. Some of them are small and easy to do, and some of them will take more time. Let's see how much time I actually have for this one.
This page will list the projects I've completed to date. Hopefully there's a long list soon!

Week One Guest Bedroom Artwork

Week Two  Cleaning My Studio (My Mission Impossible)

Week Three  Framed Recipe Card

Week Four  Pantry Storage Boxes

Week Five  An Organized Pantry

Week Six  An Organized China Cabinet

Week Seven  A New Chandelier