Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My back corner flower garden

We had a wet spring, with lots of these:
Thunderstorms and lots of rain came with those clouds. And rain makes the flowers grow J. My garden looks better than it ever has. The Calgary growing season is so short, making it tough to get a really good garden - this year has been great since the snow left early (for us).

Here’s a picture of my back corner – it’s shady, so hostas, astilbes and lilies thrive there. Oh, and my ligularia is growing like crazy too. I can’t wait to see how tall he gets this year – he’s nearly 3 feet tall now.
My Asiatic lilies are in full bloom – aren’t they gorgeous? My neighbour Karen gave me a few extras from her garden a couple of years ago, and they love this spot.
My hostas have loved the wet weather and are doing really well too: 
And my rhubarb is still growing (front of this photo). So I’m still cutting rhubarb to eat – and it’s mid-July J
I love looking at all the texture and colour and contrast right now – it’s almost like I knew what I was doing when I planted this! J


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