Wednesday, 25 January 2012

52 Projects - Week One - Basement Bedroom Artwork

As I mentioned in my 2012 goals, if I can do one project a week, I’ll have 52 updates / completed projects in my house which is a huge accomplishment.

Here’s week one’s result.

We spent time last summer updating our basement bedroom so it was brighter and nicer for guests. There was no artwork on the walls though, so it still looked unfinished.

Not any more. Not on one side of the room anyway J

Using basic Ribba square frames from Ikea and fabric I’ve used for the curtains in the room, I made artwork to hang on either side of the window. Using spray adhesive worked the best to attach the fabric to the frame back.

The wall looks finished and tied together – exactly what I was hoping for!

(forgive the bad exposure – it’s the basement)

And, as I look around the room, there are a few other projects I’ll share with you too, and the before pictures of the room. I still can’t believe the transformation. I still need to finish the walls on the other side of the room, but it’s getting there – slowly.

One project complete – 51 to go.


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