Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meals - Week Four, and a few great recipes

It's hard to believe it's been four weeks of prepping and planning our meals in advance. I've tried this before and I’ve given up long before this.

I would try to plan for dinner, but typically I would end up with me making the same meals over and over, or having rushed meals because I'd stand in front of the pantry, waiting for the meal fairy to show up (she never did - if she's at your house, can you please send her my way for a while?)

In the absence of a meal fairy, planning meals seems to be working pretty well. Every Sunday, I go through my torn out recipes or my cookbooks and pick our meals. I try to make sure we use different protein, so there's variety in our menu. This makes grocery shopping easier too - we have a plan of what to pick up for the week, not just random items.

So, here's our menu for week four:

Sunday: Portabello Mushroom Stroganoff - the boys won't eat mushrooms, so this was a perfect meal for a night they weren't home. And it was absolutely delicious. No leftovers delicious. We ate the entire thing - and I added extra mushrooms just for fun.

Monday: Steak and Farfalle Pasta – I’ve had this on my list for a few weeks but it seemed to get pushed out of the way. It was really good with a nice creamy sauce.

Tuesday: Teriyaki-Mango Pork – this one is far out of our normal comfort zone. Mango, bok choy and water chestnuts aren’t in our regular menu. I used soba noodles which looked strange but were delicious - as was the rest of dinner.

Wednesday: Orange Salmon - this was quick and easy. Orange juice and soya sauce over the salmon, which was baked in parchment paper and served with a side of quinoa. It was quick, easy and good.

Thursday: Slow cooker ‘Chicken in a Pot’ – I don't think it gets much easier than this. Carrots, celery and chicken in the crock pot with a bit of chicken stock. Next time I'll add potatoes to the crock pot - I made those as a side dish, and thickened up the sauce for gravy. Yum - gravy on a weeknight.

Friday: Shepherd’s Pie, clean eating style

We ended up eating this on Saturday instead, but it was totally worth the wait. This was one of the first Clean Eating recipes I tried, and it definitely set the standard. There were no leftovers - two kids had thirds!

A great week for recipes overall - stay tuned for week five!


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