Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Healthy New Year

After the holidays (with it's seemingly never ending supply of sweets, drinks and large meals), most people naturally make a resolution to eat healthier and exercise more.

I'm no different.

I've been a subscriber to Clean Eating magazine for a few years now, and they have some AMAZING recipes in each issue. So, as part of our goal to eat healthier, I made a wild and crazy promise to the family:

'I won't cook the same meal for dinner for three months!'

Yup - I made this wild and crazy promise to the family. They don't usually believe me when I say things like that, but after I thought about it, it still made sense to me. I had two years worth of Clean Eating magazines, so why not start with those first?

So, I did.

I spent a few afternoons during my vacation going through those magazines, tearing out recipes that appealed to me. It was a pretty impressive pile:

(Don't you just love the 'sign here' tabs that I got from work? Mr. E uses those to show me which recipes he thinks look good - a lot of tabs get used - the recipes look that good :))

Using a menu planner form I found online (the one I found came from Menu For Moms, but I've seen others), I planned out my week:

There were three recipes that came from Clean Eating magazines last week: Cashew Chicken with Vegetables, Mushroom and Beef Stew, and Spinach, Chicken and Mushroom Dinner Crepes. And of course, none of them are on the Clean Eating website. Trust me when I tell you they were delicious :)

One week down, eleven to go!


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