Friday, 3 February 2012

Cleaning my studio - a creative result

So, when I finished cleaning my craft room / studio (you can see that here), I figured I'd use the space to finish the projects I've got planned, instead of using my kitchen table. I had no idea that there would be other benefits.

My creativity came back!

As I mentioned in my post about cleaning my studio, most of the time I would walk right back out again. Which meant very little impromptu creativity, and zero scrapbooking at home.

Not any more.

In the past week, I've completed three layouts - three!

That may not be many for some scrapbookers, but I haven't completed a single scrapbook page at home in more than three years. This is a huge deal for me! Woohoo!

As I was cleaning up, I found a few pictures I had printed a while back - ones that I wanted to scrapbook. I saw them after everything was put away, and *BAM* I had an idea of what I wanted to say about the photos. I pulled stuff out - because I had a clean table to use - and I did it. I scrapbooked.

It felt great - it was fast (which is unusual for me) and I love the layouts.

Wanna see?

I hope that everyone else who completed their 'impossibilties challenge' feels as good as I do.

Cheers! Kim

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  1. Congratulations on the layouts! I do totally understand how good that feels. I tend to work on several at the same time, so it does seem to take me quite awhile to get one finished. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.