Sunday, 26 February 2012

Meals - Week Eight and a Spanish Pork recipe

Wow! Eight weeks of meal planning and trying new meals almost every night. That must be a record for me. I'm happy with how this is working out. My binder full of recipes is getting used, and so are my cookbooks (I have lots of those). Nearly all recipes are good, so we haven't had to resort to take out yet. And keeping a record of what we've had makes the organizing junkie side of me happy too!

So, here's week eight's meal plan for the week, and a recipe from Clean Eating magazine that was really good.

Monday: Home made Macaroni and Cheese. While I couldn't find this recipe online, here's where it came from:
The mac and cheese was creamy and rich and definitely didn't taste like it was good for you!

Tuesday: Spanish Pork with Potatoes - this was good and didn't take too long to make. The goat cheese was a bit strong for the boys, but they said it was really good.

Wednesday: Subs - Mr. E was out of town and I decided that being lazy was okay for a Wednesday. So, the boys had subs (and I had leftover mac and cheese from Monday!). I didn't realize how expensive subs were - aren't they just sandwiches? All in, it was nearly $20 for the two of them (of course they got the combo which came with pop, that they never get during the week). Yikes - we won't be doing that very often.

Thursday: Crockpot BBQ Chicken - the boys helped me put this together in the morning before we headed out. An easy sauce and a bit of stirring made this come together really fast. It was okay - the sauce didn't absorb into the chicken very well, so it got average reviews.
This was the first meal that didn't make it back into the recipe book - not bad after eight weeks of meals!

Friday:  the unseasonably warm weather must be leaving the viruses and germs around, because I was not up for cooking anything. Mr. E whipped up burgers and hot dogs with a side of 'home fries' which went over really well. The home fries are fabulous and the kids ask for them all the time - I'll have to show you our tips and tricks.

So, onward and upward - here's to week nine of menu planning and healthy eating.

Cheers! Kim

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