Monday, 13 February 2012

Meals - Week Six

Some weeks are definitely more challenging with meal prep than others. While the meals aren’t challenging or time consuming, a long demanding work day means I have less patience when things don’t work out quite the way I envisioned. Oh well, nobody went hungry and nothing ended up in the garbage J

Sunday: Steak and Potatoes – since it was just Mr. E and I for dinner, we had one of our favourites. Mr. E is a great BBQ-er and it’s so nice not to have to cook once in a while.

Monday: White fish fillets with warm corn relish. This was fairly quick and easy – using cornmeal for the breading made it nice and crunchy. Next time I’ll bake it in the oven – that might make the breading stay on the fish instead of ending up on the bottom of the frying pan. Grrrrrr.

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Chops with edamame beans. Mr. E came to the rescue again by taking the cooking off my plate. He’s the best J

Wednesday: Ginger Chicken – this was a delicious combo of soya sauce, grated ginger and garlic on oven baked chicken. It was quick too, so we could get to activities with lots of time to spare.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Spanish Rice – have I mentioned how much I love my crock pot? It makes Thursday night dinners a breeze. And this recipe made enough for leftover lunches for Mr. E and I for two days, which is an added bonus.

Friday: Swiss Chalet – the boys turned 12 today (where does the time go?) so they got to pick dinner Friday and Saturday (they each have different favourites). Aidan, as the oldest, picked first and chose Swiss Chalet, so I took the easy way out and had it delivered.

And every birthday needs a cake, right? I didn’t have time to make one (I made 40 cupcakes on Wednesday for them to take to school on Friday, so I was ‘baked’ out this week), so I picked up cupcakes from Bliss, which is close to work. They have amazing cupcakes and it gave the kids the option for different flavours.

Bliss Cupcakes - yum!

Saturday: Subway – tonight was Zachary’s turn to pick dinner, so Subway it was. And since there’s one in the neighbourhood, dinner took about 10 minutes. And the best part was no dishes to wash after!

So, no recipes to share this week – I’m only linking to ones that are online. The cupcake picture makes up for that, right? They are delicious J

Cheers! Kim

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