Friday, 17 February 2012

How to Ripen Avocados Quickly and my Simple Guacamole Recipe

This might be common knowledge for some people, but it doesn’t seem to be well known around here (although I suppose avocados aren’t really common in Alberta!) Mr. E told this to a woman in the grocery store a few months ago, and she thought he was nuts.

Maybe men aren’t supposed to know things like this?

Anyway, I guess that’s besides the point.

Do you know how to ripen avocados that are still hard?

I have no idea where I learned this – Martha Stewart maybe (she knows everything). Anyway, if you have the urge for guacamole and want to make it yourself, finding avocados out of season means they’re more than likely hard and not usable right away. (although I realize that I don't know when avocados are in season, since they don't grow in Canada. When are they in season?)

I’ve learned the hard way (pun intended!) that you need to buy avocados that are a bit ripe – if they’re rock hard, they probably won’t ripen at all and you’ve wasted your money. They make absolutely horrible guacamole. Blech. Trust me when I say that.

Anyway, if you put your avocados in a paper bag, close it and sit it on the counter overnight, by the next day they’ll be the perfect consistency. And you can make this:

My recipe for guacamole is as simple as it gets: two avocados, about ¼ cup of finely diced red onion, and about a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice. Mush the avocado, mix in the onion and juice and let sit for half an hour or so (this lets the flavours mix together). It’s delicious. It doesn’t need any other ingredients, in my opinion.

Mr. E and I love this as a simple snack, along with whole wheat nacho chips. A little goes a long way since it’s high in fat (the good fat, but you still don’t want to overdo it). It lasts a few days, but starts to turn brown on the top pretty quickly.

This version of guacamole is simple, fast and delicious – a great snack.

I might have to make this again soon. It's that good.

Cheers! Kim

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