Monday, 5 March 2012

Meals - Week Nine and two recipes - Beef Wraps and French Onion Soup

This wasn't the best week for eating healthy, or for being creative. I was out of town overnight on business, so that meant two nights needed to be super quick and easy so Mr. E could get the boys to their activities. It would be easy to give in and order take out, so not doing that deserves a high five!

Sunday: Home made nachos - these are always a big hit (maybe because we eat them while we watch TV!)

Monday: I was out of town, so Mr. E made the boys tortellini with spaghetti sauce. They used my home made sauce, so that counts as a healthy meal, right?

Tuesday: I was home in time for dinner, but not by much. Mr. E barbecued pork chops and we had mashed potatoes - what a great comfort meal to come home to.

Wednesday:  Sirloin Beef Wraps - These were quick and easy to prepare, and tasted really good. Fresh veggies made this light and refreshing, and who doesn't like to eat with their hands?

Thursday:  I had chicken planned for the crock pot, but I forgot to prep it the night before, so we had a frozen pizza. Not healthy, I know, but with swimming at 6:30, it had to be quick.

Friday:  Both Mr. E and I had lots for lunch (I met a girlfriend who lives out of town), so we only had a quick snack. There was a karate open house tonight, so Mr. E took #3 to that so he could check it out - that meant take out for the kids. And you know what? They didn't really enjoy it. Honest. So we'll try to limit that as much as possible.

Saturday:  Mr. E and I were on our own and thought about going to the local pub for a glass of wine and some appetizers. I made french onion soup instead - that was a much better idea! This recipe is amazing and we love it - I make it a lot.

I love this picture - it's from the Fine Cooking website but it looks just like my soup - because we have almost the same bowls! My Mom gave them to me a few years ago - she got them as a wedding gift more than 40 years ago.

So another week of meal planning came and went - this wasn't as successful as usual, but I think we managed to balance things fairly well. Schedules are a challenge  in our house, so as long as we eat healthy 80% of the time, we should be good.

Cheers! Kim

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