Monday, 19 March 2012

Meals - Week 11 - a Bump in the Planning Road


We'd been doing really well with meal planning - until this week. I was out of town for three days (yup, gotta love work travel) and that completely threw me off of my planning routine.

Mr. E did a great job getting the boys where they needed to be, on time, every day - and their meals were fairly healthy, and fast. So, as I think about it, it was me that was thrown off - healthy eating in a restaurant definitely isn't the same, and it seemed like too much effort to finish out the week on a good note. (I'm always exhausted after traveling for two or three days).

So, I've dusted myself off and am getting back into the routine. I don't have travel plans for a while, so I know I can get myself back on track. I'm beating myself up - but I shouldn't be.

No recipes this week - but hopefully we'll have a few good ones to share next week.

Cheers! Kim

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