Friday, 9 March 2012

Inspiration Board - Kids Bathroom

It’s amazing what can happen with one innocent comment, isn’t it?

Yet again, I found a wet towel on the floor of the boys’ bathroom on Wednesday morning – it seems like that’s where at least one ends up after morning showers. So, this time, I asked why  child #2 had left his towel on the floor:

‘Mom, I don’t like the colour of these towels.’

‘Um, okay. What colour towel would you like?’

‘Well, I like green, so a green towel would be good.’

Huh? Okay. It’s odd reasoning, but I kind of understand. I updated the bathroom about five years ago, when the boys were fine with my style and preferences. I painted it so it was a different colour than the rest of the house, and attempted a beach theme – starfish, seashells, and a tropical blue paint. The towels were from our old house and were beige – boring but serviceable.

But not loved, apparently.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to update the room to reflect the kids a bit more – brighter and more fun.

So, just for you Zach, here are my ideas, all based around a green towel.

What do you think?

Cheers! Kim

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  1. I think you and I are thinking the same thing. I am so tired of doing "towels" that should be re-used! Check out what HGTV did in their Dream House master bath
    That's what I'm thinking.