Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Weekend - Part Two

In between birthday celebration activities (in addition to Justin's birthday party that I just talked about, we also went bowling), we hung out at Race City Speedway in Calgary to see this:

My cousin Terry racing his MG sports car. Cool, isn't it?

This car had been restored by my Dad before he passed away. It took him more than ten years and he always wanted to race it, but never got the chance. Terry lived that dream for him.

Terry had never been on a race track before, so he had an experienced friend take the first few laps, then he took over and let 'er rip!

Look at him - hangin' with the 'in' crowd :) There was also a Lamborghini on the course.

Go Speed Racer!

After, we hung out in the 'pit' with him and other drivers - the kids loved sitting in the car and pretending to push buttons and change gears.

Here's the proof that we really knew him and weren't just stalking the car ;)

The race track is closing down, so Terry may never get the chance to race it again - but he did what Dad always wanted to do.

Thank you Terry. This means more to me than you know.

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