Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My New Planter

Our office has relocated to another building so we've packed, tossed, shredded and purged - something that should be done much more often. I personally threw away full garbage bins of paper shredding (you know the four foot high huge plastic bins on wheels?) and I've only been working here for five years.

But I digress.

Everyone also dumped (errrr - made available to others) stuff that has been sitting around - we scored two corkboards that only need a coat of paint on the frames and we can use them above Dave's music gear in his 'studio.' Okay, using the word studio is a huge stretch, but they will go above his keyboard in the basement while we figure out how to make it a bit more liveable and less 'cast-off dungeon' there for him.

But I digress again. It's a habit of mine - procrastination at its finest.

I have no idea where this has been hiding but I grabbed it when I saw it sitting in the unwanted piles:

The leaves sure look like they belong to an illegal plant - the plants that grow-ops are famous for. This has been sitting in someone's office - crazy!

So, I brought the marijuana-looking plant home with me. I only want the planter it came in - I doubt that smoking a plastic plant that is covered with dust would be fun for anyone. But, the plant and it's foam base were glued inside the planter, so the whole thing came home with me.

The planter is great - it's got a dimpled texture and is a good size.

I'm not sure if I'm going to paint it or leave it the way it is. And I don't have a specific home for it yet - but I'm sure I'll find one.

So here you go - dumpster diving at its best - at work!


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