Monday, 5 September 2011

Green Tomato Relish

Happy Labour Day! I absolutely love three day weekends and think every weekend should be like this.

Mr E and I had a very productive weekend around here - I'll fill you in during the week. I'll show you what I was up to today:

Green Tomato Relish - the recipe came from Allrecipes, here. I added less sugar, which was recommended in some of the comments - 5 cups of sugar seemed like a lot, so I only used 4.

And I know you're wondering why I made green tomato relish - this is why:

One of my tomatoes turned red - yup one. All the rest of them stayed green. And with the temperature dropping at night, they weren't going to turn red any time soon. Like ever. There are two huge bowls of tomatoes in this picture, and another bowl you can't see. I had more than 80 tomatoes. So, when life hands you green tomatoes, you make tomato relish (I think that's how the saying goes). 

It was a long process of chopping and food processing and more chopping and cooking and chopping (did I mention there was a lot of chopping?). Finally, the relish was in the jars and looking real purdy (and pretty tasty too!)

I was planning on making two batches, but I decided not to. The recipe made 17 jars of relish - which is going to last us forever. So what on earth would I do with more than 30 jars of it?

Christmas presents, anyone?


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