Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Updated Dresser

Apparently this is a common theme - the weekend part one and part two. Does it make it better because we have such a busy week that the weekends are the only time we get anything done, other than regular week 'stuff'?

So, here's my big project for the weekend - well, it's been a project that took longer than a weekend, but it finished this weekend.

This is our dresser project - the poor, sad, maligned dresser. Here's a before picture to give you an idea of what we started with:

This poor dresser had been painted powder blue and sponge painted with purple - yup, it was a hideous mess of horibble-ness.

Mr. E found this poor dresser at the salvage yard in Okotoks - sadly hoping for a home. Mr. E is used to me looking at things and seeing different potentials, so when I got a text message asking if this was something we could use, I took a second - and a third - and a fourth - look, before I said 'please bring this poor dresser home'.

See, we'd been looking for a cooler dresser to put in our bedroom landing - a place for Kendra to put her clothes that looked a bit cooler than the 'pressboard brown' dresser that had been there for nearly a year.

It was a stretch, but I figured, for $5, it couldn't really go wrong. Yup, Mr. E drives a hard bargain ;)

So, I sanded - and sanded - and sanded - to get rid of the sponge effect.

My hands were purple after this - it took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the purple haze - I was singing songs by Jimmy Hendrix for days after this.

So, after lots of sanding and filling in with wood filler - we got this:

Then, I used a really cool blue and started to paint the dresser.

It took a few coats, but it started to look really good - 

I decided I wanted something different - not your traditional solid colour dresser.

Stripes would look cool, right?

That's what I thought too :)

Why does a project always take longer than you think it will? I started this three weekends ago.

Here is the finished dresser in our upstairs landing - this is the view as you walk up the stairs:

And here it is looking down the stairs:

It's such a cool dresser - so different than anything we have in the house right now. 

The sides need touched up where the drawers are - I didn't check to see if the drawers would cover the sides, and of course they don't. Hopefully I can do that one night this week.

Of course, it makes the rest of the upstairs look like it needs a makeover. The top of the dresser needs some love - and the trim needs painted white - and the cubbies on the wall need filled with knick-knacks, but one project at a time. 

This is how the dresser looked about 10 minutes after we moved it in - covered with boys' clothes. 

Oh well. Our house is lived in - no question.


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