Thursday, 24 November 2011

I have lots to say . . .

I do have lots to say, even though I haven't posted on here for more than a month - where does the time go?

Life has been taken over by kids, work, kids activities, work travel, kid stuff and work stuff - can you see a theme emerging? I was traveling nearly every week for more than a month, for at least a day or two at a time. (I put more than 1200 km on Mr. E's truck in two days)

That seriously cuts into leisure time - which means I want to spend more time with the family when I'm home. And that seriously cuts into blog time.

And, family wins - hands down, every time. So, no blog posts for more than a month. Not that many people read this - yet. (Hi Mom!)

My trusty notebook with blog ideas has been coming along for the traveling though, and I have lots of ideas of things to do and share. You'll have to forgive the badly lit pictures (it is pitch black here before 5pm every day) and the lack of painting (it's too cold to paint outside and I've decided not to subject the family to paint fumes from the basement - very often :) ).

So, I'll try to update this blog every few days and keep everyone in-the-know about all the goings-on around here.

I know, you can't wait, can you? ;)

Cheers until next time!

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