Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Meals and Planning – an Update

Meal planning is such an amazing time saving concept – but it’s tough to execute when you feel stretched and overly busy.

And, you need a usable kitchen to cook in J

Our kitchen update is ongoing, and taking longer than I thought, so the kitchen has been a mess and pretty much unusable. 
I’ve fixed that by moving the cupboard doors to the garage where I’ll continue to paint them. (more details about the project that here). So, we now have our counter space and table back.

Anyway, back to bad meal planning . . .

I haven’t done it in weeks. I talked about how I fell off the planning wagon back in March, and I really haven’t done it since. I do plan on changing that – maybe next week J

The plan of having a new meal every night just isn’t going to happen – not with a full time job and a full time commute and being a full time mom and full time wife and sometimes DIY’er. So, I’m going to have to be more flexible.

We have frozen pizzas in the house now, and frozen meatballs for spaghetti night.

And that’s okay.

Cheers! Kim

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