Friday, 2 December 2011

The Front Hall Bench

So, I showed you the fabulous stencil I painted on our front hall wall. I love it - it completely changed the look of that wall. Of course, the rest of the hall needed some attention too.

We have a bench for the hallway - it's a nice black bench with wicker baskets to hold a ton of stuff. It worked for anyone who needed to sit to remove / add footwear. And since we have winter forever around here, that's a pretty important thing to have.

However, the bench didn't have a cushion, so it wasn't the most comfortable spot. That has now been fixed.

I bought some burlap at the fabric store, and some 2 inch foam at Walmart.

I cut the foam to fit the top of the bench, dry fitting it to make sure it fit well.

I cut and sewed the burlap, making a large pillow for the top.

Trying to fit the foam pieces into the burlap was a bit of a challenge, but after some wrangling, I ended up with this:

I'm pretty happy with it. The colour ties in well with the wall stencil and the baskets in the bench, and it finishes the bench off. The kids thought it was great too and spent a few minutes jumping on it making sure it would stand up to repeat use.

Another successful project for the front hall, if I do say so myself.


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